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                                                          Ed Justice Online



Welcome to Ed Justice Online Family Web Site.  No adult content or pictures are on this web site. If You find anything objectionable please let me know ASAP

I created the CongoEd.us web site to share with my friend Ove from Sweden.  This site is used to experiment with the many features & benefits of using MySQL, PHP script and a variety of other open source programming code. With his expertise I am learning how to create and install several new web based server applications.

The Coppermine Photo Gallery has several Family Pictures - http://www.edjusticeonline.com/gallery/index.php

This site is on a linux web server. I own this domain name so I created this personal family web site to save or share pictures.  

This site is not ad supported, so there are no popup ads, no data miners, no virus codes, no malicious malware or software to worry about.

Be sure to Bookmark this site, and check back soon...   



Any comments, please leave me a message:    My Chat Room



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