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                                                                      Ed Justice Online




We moved to this new Apache web server, same name new address http://www.edjusticeonline.com/

I have uploaded all the old MSN Family Pictures to Ed Justice Online  and the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

By moving all the pictures to my web server, Your MSN limits are low enough that You could use it again.

The old  MSN Site is still active, but many of You had reached Your 3MB limit. Go check it out now :-)


Check out the Coppermine Photo Gallery    Below you will find links to  Family Picture Gallery's

Ed's Gallery  |  Don's Gallery  |  Pat's Gallery  |  Lori's Gallery  |  Dave's Gallery  |  Jessica's Gallery 


Be sure to Bookmark  this new Ed Justice Online  site so You will have easy access to it in the future.

This new site has everything the old MSN site had. I also added several great new features & benefits.

The Coppermine Photo Gallery has a Slideshow feature & E-Card Service is also available for Members.


Thanks,  Ed Justice Online


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