Scramble messages at Ed Justice Online

If You want to hide Your email address, phone numbers, or just write down Your ATM-code in a safe way, we have this free cipher program.
To scramble text fill text box with message and then enter Your key. Click on button 'Scramble'  and Your text will be scrambled and unreadable.

To decipher a scrambled message write the text into the text box fill in key and then click on button 'Unscramble' and You have the message readable.
The text and keys are safe on Your computer. The program is an applet so Your input is not transmitted over internet.

If the window doesn't start Your computer has no JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) installed.

You can easily go and get a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) download for free at SUN

Welcome to download and put on Your site   Please make a link back to Ed Justice Online

Thanks to Ove for creating this application,   Ed Justice Online